Jubilee Park (JubelPark/Parc du Cinquantenaire) is not my favourite place when I want to sit and relax in a green area. But, it’s worth mentioning its highlight: the Arcades.


When you visit Brussels, you can not miss those arcades at the end of rue de la Loi (Wetstraat). I have viewed those arcades myself for so many years now, and for a very long time I didn’t even know it was possible to walk up some stairs and to stand on the roof for a nice view!


How to get there? Enter the Royal Museum of the Army. The museum is free (and only for that it’s worth mentioning) and has a great collection of planes and many other things war related.

Inside you’ll easily find your way to the stairs for the Arcades, then start to climb them. You will arrive at the top floor, and from there you can access one of the two terraces.


Despite the fact that you can access it with an elevator, you’ll still have to climb more than 20 stairs in order to get to the terrace: so difficult (not to say ‘impossible’) for kids in strollers or visitors in a wheelchair.

This would mean that if you are disabled because of your years in the army service, you are not able to fully enjoy everything that the Army Museum has to offer… and that’s a shame.

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